Java - Jackson library installation instruction

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In this short article we would like to show how to install Jackson library in Java project.

Jackson library is useful when we want to make conversion:

  • JSON to any Java Object,
  • any Java Object to JSON.¬†

Read below sections to know simple ways how to do it.

1. with built automation tool, e.g. Maven

e.g. we can use library with version 2.11.3 by inserting <dependency> element inside <dependences> element inside *.pom file:

<!-- -->

Note: later run mvn install to download library automatcally - use command line in the project directory to do it.

2. by attaching *.jar file manually to project

e.g. we can use library version  2.11.3 that can be downloaded as *.jar file from:

Jackson JAR file download instruction.
Manual Jackson JAR file download instruction from Maven.

Java JSON - Jackson lib

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