Java - Jackson library installation instruction

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In this short article, we would like to show how to install Jackson library in Java project.

Jackson library is useful when we want to make conversion from:

  • JSON to any Java Object,
  • any Java Object to JSON.


Read below sections to know simple ways how to do it.

1. with built automation tool, e.g. Maven

e.g. we can use library with version 2.13.2 by inserting <dependency> element inside <dependences> element inside *.pom file:

<!-- -->

Note: later run mvn install or mvn clean install to download library automatcally - use command line in the project directory to do it.


2. by attaching *.jar file manually to project

e.g. we can use library version  2.13.2 that can be downloaded as *.jar.

It is necessary to attach 2 libraries:


Just download bundles like in the below example:

Jackson JAR file download instruction.
Jackson JAR file download instruction.

See also

  1. Java - convert object to JSON String with Jackson lib

  2. Java - parse JSON to object with Jackson lib


  1. Jackson Core - Maven Repository
  2. Jackson Databind - Maven Repository
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Java JSON - Jackson lib

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