Intellij Idea - the most useful settings (hotkeys, shortcuts, disable / enable, IDE)

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# change code syntax / font (default):
Editor -> Font (Monospaced, size: 12, line spacing: 1.2)

psf == // public static final
psfi == // public static final int
psfs == // public static final String
psvm == main method // public static void main


disable one-line methods


do not collapse imports / do not fold import


do not show hints for current method

Before disabling hints:

After disabling hints:


Intellij Idea - global replace (replace all)

Global replace shortcut - ctrl+shift+R


IntelliJ IDEA - set font size for code editor (change font, line height)

  1. Settings
  2. Editor
  3. Font
  4. Set or change font according to your taste

My favourite is settings:

  • Font: Monospaced
  • Size: 12
  • Line height: 1.2


Intellij IDEA - optimize imports on the fly / add imports automatically 

Intellij IDEA - Add unambiguous imports on the fly

Intellij IDEA - optimize imports on the fly


 Intellij Idea - do not use wildcard imports (do not import *, 999)



Disable all code foldings (grey fields in SQL fiels, short names, generic, annotations etc)

Intellij Idea - Disable all code foldings
Intellij Idea - Disable all code foldings




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