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  • What we do in hashtags:
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  • Dirask is employment oriented service and online community for professionals to share their knowledge and help each other in extraordinary easy way.
  • The service is focused on software developers.
  • Recommendation engine for job seekers and recruiters powered by machine learning algorithms.

Why we do it:

  • Because software engineers spend too much time in order to find solutions for daily coding problems.
  • Both founders are coders and they know how many times per day coder is on the hunt to find correct solution for a coding problem in order to make the job done.
  • Because sharing professional knowledge is harder then it looks.
  • Because when professionals are looking for next career opportunity they need to browse over hundreds of job offers.
  • Because we really care.

Who we are:

  • Two technical founders.
  • Both founders are Full Stack Software Engineers with some business experience (product building, internet marketing, sales).
  • We've known each other from kindergarten (more then 25 years) - we know it will significantly increase our chances for success in the long run.
  • As founders, we started to create the service for ourselves and for our friends to significantly reduce the time we need to find the answers for our daily coding problems.

What we do:

  • The service is designed to provide the best and fastest solutions for daily coding problems.
  • We want to help every coder on earth to be able to become at least 50% more productive.
  • Productivity of every programmer is based on the quality of information programmer can find on the internet.
  • Around the knowledge we build great community.
  • We welcome everyone.
  • Community will be always helpful for everyone - no matter what the experience.

How we do it:

Important points:

  • Service will be developed with community wishes and desire.
  • Community members and efforts will be appreciated.
  • Service has only 2 reactions - like and love, as there is no space for negative feelings.
  • Service will be available in major foreign languages, to help coders who struggle with English (or non english speakers) to find and understand solutions faster.
  • To speed up the process of asking questions, answering them or creating wiki articles we use online rich-text editor - "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" (WYSIWYG) - read more here
  • You will be able to post anything anonymously (Wiki, Q&A, comments), and later if you decide you want to get credit for it, you will be able to (feature under development).
  • Online code runners for most popular programming languages with option to pick version (feature under development)

Service has 4 modules:

  • High quality job offers for coders & professionals
  • Wiki articles (practical and useful, code focused, well structured, to the point)
  • Questions and answers (if you can't find solution, just ask question)
  • Findings and news (share, read and comment what's interesting on internet)

Job offers for coders & professionals:

  • High quality job offers
  • Job offers are well described by necessary information, hashtags with skill level to enable job seekers to make job screening extremely easy and fast.
  • Advanced but easy to use job manager for recruiters to post, modify and manage job offer
  • Advanced analytics for recruiters to make the best hiring decisions based on data and statistics (feature under development).
  • Advanced analytics will enable recruiters to check which job offer works best and why. (feature under development)

Employment recommendation engine:

  • Job recommendation engine for job seekers
  • Employee recommendation engine for recruiters
  • Employment recommendation engine matching both sides of the equation - job seekers and recruiters

Wiki articles are:

Question and Answers:

Findings and news:

  • Zone for coders to take a break from IT knowledge
  • Share, read and comment what's interesting on the internet
  • Share links, videos, articles, pictures, thoughts
  • Browse findings and news by your favourite hashtags
  • Browse findings using view you really like.
  • Write your own article on any topic that you are into (feature under development)
  • Create private findings and add notes - just for yourself. Later you can browse by hashtags, use fast search engine to find this link you've seen 2 months ago. This will be much better solution then browser bookmarks (feature under development)

Questions for you:

  • What do you think about the service?
  • Do you like the idea?
  • Would you use it, if not, why? (Design, Usability, Features, Speed, Community)
  • What would you change in this service, if anything?
  • Do you have any suggestion?

We're always looking for feedback (thanks in advance)

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