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Dirask is a friendly IT community for everyone.

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We believe coding, sharing and helping others is a better tomorrow.
Looking for:
  • Feedback
  • Investment
  • Hiring (Equity Compensation) - We are looking for passionate people in areas: product building, brand building, marketing, sales and coding (we do not require business experience)
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Details: Entire service is built around coding knowledge and IT industry.
  • Yes, we love productivity.
  • Also we love to share our knowledge with others.
  • Both founders are full stack software engineers.
  • We started to create the service for ourselves and for our friends.
  • We iterate on the feedback we get.
Foundations of dirask:
  • Friendly community.
  • Community members share coding knowledge and help each other in easy way.
  • Service is designed for coders on every level of their career (learners, professionals and hobbyists).
Features of dirask:
  • Wiki for code
  • Question and Answers
  • Findings & News (Inspirations)
Quick explanation of features:
  • Wiki for code - Articles with solutions build by community which are well structured, clear, consistent, code focused and to the point. By creating wiki articles we don't need to re-solve the same coding problems in the future.
  • Question and Answers - If you have a programming problem, just ask question, community members will help you. No matter how basic or advanced question is.
  • Findings & News (Inspirations) - Share, read and comment what's interesting in IT.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

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